Learn Russian

Hello! Welcome to the exciting world of the Russian language and culture.

What are your goals in learning Russian?

Maybe you want to be able to speak to your Russian friends or business partners, or read Russian novels and watch Russian films, or travel to Russia as a tourist. I will help you learn to speak and understand Russian.


During the lessons we will have lots of speaking and listening practice. This is the most important part of any language lesson because conversational practice is where you really need the coaching of a tutor. We will also make sure to sharpen your reading and writing skills.


Studying a language online allows you to take lessons from wherever you are in the world. This is a much more efficient use of your time.


You have two options: individual or group lessons.


Individual lessons will be tailored more specifically to your goals and maximize your time with your tutor. The price of individual lessons is $20/hour


Group lessons on the other hand are more affordable and provide an opportunity to make conversation with other people in your group who are at the same level as you and might share similar experiences in learning the language but come from different backgrounds.

The price of group lessons is $10/hour


Free trial lesson

To make sure you spend your money wisely, I offer a free introductory lesson for 30 minutes. In this lesson you can see my teaching style, tell me about your specific goals in learning the lesson, talk about the learning plan, or anything else.

To schedule a trial lesson call me at 1-978-760-6508, or fill out the form bellow.

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