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In learning a foreign language, the most valuable help you could get is with conversational practice sessions. Nowadays it is relatively easy to learn to read and listen and improve your vocabulary and grammar with online tutorials. However, nothing can replace a person-to-person interaction where you are required to speak and understand what other people are saying. Proficiency in conversational language can only be achieved in live interactions with a good tutor. To achieve the best results, you need a tutor who can conduct conversational sessions on relevant topics tailored to your interests and goals.


I will help you learn to speak English as well as to understand speech. During the lessons we will have a lot of conversational practice. You will practice speaking skills with me and with other students of your level. We will also practice reading and writing. 

Online learning

Modern internet platforms make it possible to study English wherever you are in the world and use your time efficiently. We will study on a special internet platform and use additional material that I provide. In studying the language, you will improve your vocabulary and become confident in your ability to speak.

One-on-one lessons

Individual tutoring allows for a personalized approach to studying with a learning plan designed for your specific needs and at a pace that is right for you. This can be a more intensive and productive way to learn the language.


Price: $20/hour

Practical English course

This is a program of study in groups of 6 students designed to help you get as much conversational practice as possible and apply your language skills in live interactions. A lot of time is dedicated to communicating in English which allows you to become more comfortable with the language. In the first stages, we will work on the basic speaking skills, work on pronunciation and simple grammar. At higher levels, students learn to have conversations of any complexity on various subjects and to freely express their ideas in grammatically correct English.

The learning happens remotely, and students can come from different countries around the world, so you will have ample opportunity to practice speaking English with people of a similar level as yourself. This helps students to gain confidence in their skills.

Groups meet twice a week for 1 hour.


Length of course: 18 weeks. Price of course: $250.

Free trial lesson

To make sure you spend your money wisely, I offer a free introductory lesson for 30 minutes. In this lesson you can see my teaching style, tell me about your specific goals in learning the lesson, talk about the learning plan, or anything else.

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